Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery From the Lab to the Operating Room:An Evidence-based Approach


Δρ Γεωργαλάς Χρήστος, Ιατρός, ΩΡΛ, Άμστερνταμ, Ολλανδία 

Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery From the Lab to the Operating Room:An Evidence-based Approach

Georgalas / Fokkens

2013/952 pages/700 illustrations/hardcover/ISBN 9783131535412


This major new reference offers the most complete and balanced coverage of modern rhinology and skull base surgery available


today by integrating key advances in the basic sciences with modern clinical developments. From the role of genetics, allergy, and immunology in rhinologic disorders to new, evidence-based medical and surgical approaches, the book covers all aspects of this dynamic, multidisciplinary specialty. A DVD with nearly 80 videos complements the book.

Special Features:

·         Highlights basic science developments in anatomy, embryology, pathophysiology, immunology, genetics, and investigative rhinology

·         Structured on evidence-based medicine principles and based on current, evidence-based guidelines (including the EPOS 2012 and Endoscopic Skull Base Tumors consensus document)

·         The only textbook tailored to the curriculum of the British Intercollegiate, FRCS(ORL-HNS), American Board of Otolaryngology, and European Academy exams

A book that all practicing rhinologists, otolaryngologists, skull base surgeons as well as residents and fellows in otolaryngology will find indispensable for expanding their surgical and medical expertise as well as gaining a full understanding of the basic science framework of their multifaceted specialty

Publication Date: July 2013
1st Edition
952 pp, 700 illustrations
Mixed media product
ISBN (Americas): 9783131535412

Incorporating advanced, up-to-date basic science with current clinical knowledge to set a new standard in the field

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